At All Over Nutrition we are committed to helping adults and children improve their health and their relationship with food.

We believe that food and eating does not need to be stressful or overcomplicated, and we love helping people make mealtimes easier while improving heath.

 We are available in for face to face consultations in Williamstown, on-line telehealth consultations and in-home feeding assessments and feeding therapy.


Our dietitians can help find solutions to food issues around food allergies and intolerances, including help with strategies around food allergies, coeliac disease and intolerances, including specialist training in FODMAPS from Monash University.

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A child that does not eat well can be stressful, confusing and frustrating. 
All Over Nutrition dietitian Natasha Lane has been trained in the SOS Approach and Responsive Feeding Therapy.  Feeding therapy  focuses on teaching children skills to manage sensory sensitivities, learn to feel confident and competent around foods, while offering education and support to parents. 
Prolonged fussiness and restriction can result in poor growth and development. If you are worried about your fussy eater, book an assessment today in the clinic or in your own home.


We understand the stress that comes with body concerns, and we are here to help.  If you have had enough of fad diets, yo-yo dieting, body dissatisfaction and disordered eating we would love to chat about how we can support your physical and mental health.

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Nutrition is such an important part of sports performance, but it can be confusing with so many conflicting messages out there. We believe that good performance needs to be supported with good personalised nutrition, whether you are training at the gym or completing your first your first marathon or triathlon.


The Dietitians at All Over Nutrition are experienced in helping people with a number of gastrointestinal conditions including Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis and gastrointestinal cancers, so we can help manage your condition and optimise your health.

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'What to eat' can seem so confusing these days, with the overwhelming amount of conflicting information available. Our Dietitians love nothing more than helping people navigate healthy eating with a personalised, evidence-based approach that works for you around your goals.


A diagnosis of either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes can be overwhelming, but the Dietitians at All Over Nutrition can help you to manage your diabetes in a way that is simple, sustainable and effective.

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The way we eat can have a positive impact on our heart health and decreasing the risk of heart disease. Our dietitians can help you make positive impactful change to your diet to improve cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol.


Get to Know Us



M.Diet. | B.App.Sci.

Sarah is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who believes that eating well does not have to be confusing or complicated. She enjoys working with clients to translate the endless supply of nutrition information into simple individualised steps to achieve their health goals.
Sarah works with clients with general healthy eating advice, or for advice about the management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), (including additional training from Monash University in the low FODMAP diet), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and coeliac disease as well as food allergies and intolerances, sports nutrition and disordered eating.



M.Diet. | B.App.Sci.

Natasha is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), that loves cooking and eating.  She educates and counsels clients to feel empowered and confident to make food and lifestyle choices that fit with their health goals.

Natasha has developed a special interest in sensory processing and how it contributes to food aversion, restriction, disordered eating and eating disorders especially in the neurodiverse. She is trained in Responsive Feeding Therapy and  Sensory Oral Sequential (SOS) Feeding Therapy  for those that have sensory processing problems relating to food and eating.

Natasha can provide support to clients that are looking for guidance on healthy eating including fussy eaters. She can also assist with dietary management of food allergies, intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Natasha has also completed the Monash University FODMAP Training course for the management of IBS.